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Design and implementation of a bicycle rack.


CYCLOFIXE - détail de plaque
CYCLOFIXE - vue d'ensemble
CYCLOFIXE - Jonction deux unités
CYCLOFIXE - détail de la base
CYCLOFIXE - in situ
Vincent et son CYCLOFIXE

The brushed stainless steel arches echo the shape of parked bicycles front wheels. They create a rhythm, a sense of order which distracts the eye from the impression of "scrap heap" that the accumulation of bicycles creates. The rack’s base is made of Corten steel and seems to fade in the shadow of the rack’s arches. With a capacity of 6 bikes, CYCLOFIXE is a model of bicycle rack that combines efficiency, convenience and urban integration. Available on request.

Edition : Mouvement Créatif

Client : Ville de Montréal, Collège Ahuntsic, ...

Assignment : Design and implementation
Location : Montréal (Canada)
Photo Credits : Mouvement Créatif
Speciall thanks : A. Bertaux, A. Brebion, W. Cummins.

Year : 2012


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