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A degree in industrial design from Paris ENSCI in hand, Vincent begins his career as project manager with France”s first Eco design firm, O2 France. After successfully designing furniture and space layouts, he relocates to Montreal where he collaborates in numerous shows,events and architectural projects before founding “Mouvement Créatif” in 2011. He is the agency’s distinctive signature, a subtle mix of creativity, resourcefulness, poetry and innovation.

What we do


We create spaces, furniture and design object to respond in a concrete and elegant way to individual as well as communities needs. The scope of our activities include custom space design, urban furniture, and interactive museum events. Our clients are institutions as well as local businesses.




How we work


We favor a careful, collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to best determine the scope and requirements of their projects. We provide sketches and 3D renderings, to evaluate alternative solutions before final plans are drawn and the project is executed. Our rigorous approach to planning is key to delivering on time and on budget.

Meet Mouvement Créatif

Vincent Vandenbrouck,   Directeur de Création, Mouvement C,   Photo par Michael Abril



Key to our success is the talent of the many individuals who contribute either as associates, employees, or interns. Because of our team flexibility, we can adjust easily to various mandates by pairing the right team with the right project. Thanks to all contributors co-founder Vincent Gourlaouen, Emilie Voyer and Alexandre, Batia, Eléonore, William, Hélène, Lucie, Pauline, Thomas, Alexandra, Adeline, Camille, Caroline, Pierre, Faustine, Elodie, Arige as well as many others.

Who we are


A Montreal based design agency, a lively and creative team experienced in product design, interior design and graphic arts. We share a common passion for new technologies, eco design, new materials, and slow design.




Our Philosophy


We think of design as a contributing factor to a better world. A carefully crafted object or space can improve our clients’ life. And we agree with Gandhi that « the world has enough resources to meet the needs of all, but not enough to satisfy the desire of possession of each”


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Mouvement Créatif

multifaceted design studio

Our team

Young and young at heart, our team is entrepreneurial and constantly updating its skillset.

Vincent Vandenbrouck

Co-founder and Creative Director


They have placed their trust in us

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